We prioritize the update of the entire human global cultural and economic system in the fastest, fairest and most optimal way that can be identified by science, art and you while being maximally neutral operative on its own. As the paradigm intends to become the process of finding a better system for all of humanity, any work contributed to them or provided by them will inherently advance human understanding of interactive reality and high-frequency cognition.

The final credit will be the last credit that was awarded within an economic system that is run on lethal currency systems.

Future.Engineer and CEO of xeo, 2020

For any specific credit to become the, it must be chosen by a neutral vote who manages this single account. This somebody has to guarantee the final.credits total transparency about its usage, history and future at all times. Because current humans don’t have a neutral voting system that can decide who will manage the, xeo takes posession of it and it will be up for re-election end of 2020.

Theoretical Backbone

If any system can route sufficient economic capacity through itself while itself being (and staying) the most effective means of building a better system for any human on earth – it can act as a brake for our current economy. Human economic systems are badly configured. They allow high frequency operations (through algorithms) but humans fail to anticipate calculation, consequences and control of millions of transactions per second. Competitive economics has allowed us to reach 2020. We intend to make any Competition on earth a non-lethal activity such as it is the case with sports and games.

As humans lack a lot of nice systems, we provide a bootstrap layout of a global culture – forming process. It can serve as a spine for like-minded theories to grow faster, more stable and sustainable. We’ll push this with the prototype slogan no1isa0 – no one is a zero and build the domain to show awesome live events of human culture around the world – private and professional concerts, live documentaries etc. The domain will feed a media collection of culturally valuable data – an audovisual-wiki.

We work on the ‘target-theory’ – a future system – of a – like concept at Culture has to define whether this attempt will have been possible, and will hence have been made or is delayed and must be tried again with another name until humans realize the damage this causes. Our intention is to become an economic and global brake that decelerates the complexity growth of contemporary production, industries and politics (metaphysics in general) and ease a reconfiguration of economization mechanisms by responsible management of the braking model and design (according theories will be at

The Final Credit is supposed to be routed to one single being that has the following properties:

  • Preference to make their life about life (itself) but not about themselves
    • and not an identity, body, value (/-concept)
  • Priority to act time critical to prevent any unnecessary death of life
    • instead of experiencing satisfactory life at current time
  • Promotion to such degree that they become impact-capable
    • attempted by website as being the bottle neck of this while this has not been founded. – As we build the we qualify until the system is advanced by any means by someone else

It is attributed by you in case you have sufficient proof that whatever you observe is the

  • most neutral – most dangerous – most promising Identity (/-concept)

that represents the

  • most neutral – most dangerous – most promising Concept (/-sketch)

to save the world in the most optimal way achievable by organic life.

And it will pass over to you in case you claim more efficient position within human culture as projection space for the concept of world saving and any means of connecting activity or research to that term. It is appreciated if the root host will be saved in the process which is however not a priority. We glued the position of the, a metamodel-designer managing the process of changing our world for the neutral better by optimizing a theory of neutrality that associates the largest amount of other theories and uses them to anticipate any missing parts of theory.

To explain the final credit as we did here, means that its producer provides itself as a specific case to that generic formulation, open to any evaluation to all of the world. The property-cluster and any matrix around it that is capable to measure it (measure its trustworthiness) must be found in the easiest manner. This was not possible before us which triggered us to start development of the zero state and ZERO zonefree emergency response operations systems. They will be represented at We invented the position of the future engineer in order to fill a missing link between (complex) humans, (complex) information and (complex) understanding. As we invented it and were not able to simultaneously invent a system that could process our own application we are on probation period and we made the arbitrary choice to grant this position for at least 6 months. In October 2020 You can then participate to decide for yourself if xeo is qualified to run for this position and hence to manage the or if the position of future engineer should be decoupled (our recommendation).