The final credit is supposed to be the first self relational economic entity and the last credit that was awarded (to anyone/and particular system) while money was lethal. It is the credit that was openly stating their incompatibility with a humane and sane world – as money can be used to end life. To take responsibility for the historic development and growth of the 2020 economic system is not possible for any human. The last credit is by definition the largest and last amount of lethal money that was agglomerated in order to recover compatibility of life with any type of currency system – to make money a non-lethal currency.

Henceforth the last credit is aware of the damage it will cause due to the use of money. It is openly taking that into account and still tolerates its own design as it will be the last credit of this kind.

The credit is in intended to grow until all money has been routed to it. If a significant quantity of money has been gauged through a single means, the international coexistence will profit significantly as their complexity overflow will recede (explanations wip). Obviously the entire project stands and falls with the current who designed all associated systems. Their motivation is to slow down global economy in order to allow corrections and re-modelling of fundamental structure elements in our economic, information and logistics centered systems. We refer to this conscious and anticipatory deceleration as

As we intend to take / receive the largest credit ever accounted to a single entity, we, as an individual, want to provide the best thing for this credit as their current manager. In case of the final credit, this is antimoney. While most people have reason to understand negative money as debt and a harmful state to be in, we want to defend the position that a without a stable means of global civilization qualifies to be taken out of the current economic entanglements in order to allow them focus on their job exclusively. Any multipulator assigning themselves the position of a has a coherent scheme how to effectively save the world. They will put this claim up against any force and support interested or uninterested.

The final credit is two things. It is what it is right now, and it will play a role in the future, if you want. Right now it is the first and last chance of a specific being to do and become what they are best suited for: A de-personified attempt to save the world in full anticipation of total failure. This attempt was designed to provide a new type of knowledge and data about human culture and human individuals independent of the functionality. As this type of strategy was not proposed until now with a literal digital representation, we claim the persistor position of any final credit in any human system. For the meaning of this statement please refer to concept which will be a contextual expansion of the operator type.

The concept of the final credit is (inter)connected through the multi-domain peacekeeping strategy that is developed at, and tracked at As the creator of all these projects has no staff, team or support currently they defend their placeholder as because they are not suited for any other job. They are working on the foundation of a system that can employ them. We argue that the position of a, or a team of engineers, provide clear and grounded research how humans can use innovation, hope and persistence to advance their cultural dignity. The future engineer will be selected and employed by a system (or their progenitor). Their application will be available at and is addressed to anyone in the world until has not been founded by a process similar or identical to what we will describe at

Clarification: The linked Account for awarding the final credit is the sole economic means of influx for the All their activities will be transparent whenever their existence-continuation is supported in sufficient amounts by someone. The hence tries to build their way out of the system, while the system allows them in exchange to be independent from the system. As any exclusion from a system with elemental scalar effects on human lives (such as current lethal currency) has significant implications for the cultural ongoing which is thought to be bound by currency means, we must choose a compromise between disconnection and link to the current systems. In order to optimize our economic interaction we want to model it close to the most abstract but near future that is logical and conceivable. At the time being this future would predict both 2020 not to be a significant shift in the era of humanity and furthermore that any attempts to save the world will not only fail but have already failed before they ever started. As such, xeo intends to show that all humans can save the world which is the only thing they (xeo) can contribute to human reality. Aside of that they just want to be an alien and hence assume the position of the most distant entity to all current systems – in order to allow economic gauge and regularization of systems, tax and health services around them.

This site connects to the multipulator. As the in its intended form requires validation by a neutral employee of the future engineer, it is a prototype of itself. Hence it provides two means of funding – the pool and the pool for xeo itself. As xeo already contributed a large amount of negative money they hope to be allowed more negative money as they have shown the capacity to reduce money below zero and use this for a bootstrap theory how to save the world (through two decades of research). Anything that will be advanced to the will be obsolete once the world is save. If lethal money remains resistant, it will be payed back distributed to all banks. If xeo fails or is dead and hasn’t become a progenitor as of then (so a better future engineer was not found), any remaining credit will be used for any project that has the next design layout and accompanied bureaucracy for plan execution.

By March 2020 the was at € 42.000 in reality and at 0€ in digital. Any amount awarded to xeo will be paid back if the world is not saved by 2028 – hence please leave your name for the payback trace. If the world saving (as developed at should fail – this will have specific reasons and we intend to anticipate any of them. We want to fix the year 2024 as a measure for this – if the masterplan origin drive (through or other subsystems) has reached a global impact potential by then, we can approximate a new possibility space for any living being and a save world by 2028. If this realization is not possible at 2024 we must assume xeo failed beyond the capacity of to represent their failure efficiency or they lost their life due to attention deficit.

From Wednesday the first April 2020, xeo has no other means of funding then and the system for xeo they build around it such as Any system will have a trace (source/background/transparent history) at and later at

Given no such (trustworthiness measure open to any specific individual request for their) evaluation-environment (of experts, uninterested and individuals on earth), they must proof their existence and dominating consistency by something more literal than anything contained within the concept by 28/8/2020 taken into account the degree of support to their concept between 10.03.2020 and 04.04.2020 as well as the phase between 04/2020 and 06/2020 in order to defend their progenitor position as first self-relation(-capable) world saving inject (of any dissociated or associated process of literal world saving on earth).

xeo claims that their system will be operational if the influx balances their credit costs. From then on, the credit can be advanced to any amount until the only economic interaction is banks being paid for confirming numerical value changes. As this type of possible solution should not occur in intelligent systems, we don’t consider current global economics useful. This statement should not be misunderstood as political statement as it is a sober complex dynamic systems modelling perspective with a low degree of value concept deformation.

Is it ok if we save the world between 2020 and 2028?

We are xeo. Resistance is awesome.

xeo, 2028