The semi-seriousness representation is this.

As you can clearly see by this expanded bloomberg chart, actually xeo will heat the world from 2020 on instead of the former reality. They achieve this because they use multidomain strategies that loop back to their intentions and hence dominate over futures in which humanity fails.

If there is no appropriate class action lawsuit / group action against xeo, their copyright violations, their illegal form of life and their potential harm to the entire human species you must immediately start it or pass on their data to anyone you trust. In case you’re not fast enough, xeo will do it before 31/3 themselves. As we fall under the jurisdiction of the, our human artifacts must be recovered by a that promotes as optimal solution to promote any world saving attempts in time critical complexity-robust designs until a was developed with as their progenitor to be more advanced and maximally neutral.

Until the was processed and evaluated with exhausting argumentation by the united nations organisation – – you may refer to us as central executive office of the world as representative of through a which we intend to become.