Our most alive representation is xeo. As such we only promote their paypal pool at the time being in order to optimize the development in its entire complexity at its very root.

You can support them with energy, ideas and numbers. They claim that they don’t prefer money but are in a financial doomsday scenario to their own fault. (They spend their entire live on credit but studied and lived for at least 20 years. They avoided to earn any money, fame or relevance as they did not want to contribute to a lethal economic system. They waited with any interaction towards the world to optimize their identity/personality within a working plan to save the world. As such they don’t rely on identity and offer any privacy in case of any trust and provide any action in case of any chance.) Their entire contribution to the world right now is the layout of the and anything else they have in their head aside of that. Their lifes work interaction limited. Not money limited.