World : Earthself

At the same time there is tears beyond consideration

And at the same time there is laughter without consideration

This is the only purpose of the final.credit. We use a metaconcept as credit, because if we think far enough ahead, xd.lol can be used fair and most efficient. It is hence [xd.lol)link(final.credit]

All money that will be generated with xd.lol clicks, adds, games, email accounts, subdomains, features, domain will feed the final credit. So the more income the final.credit receives from xd.lol, the more final.credit buys short term large amounts of money to provide humanity with minimum Living conditions once and for all #comeclean #comecleaning. The usage of you@xd.lol can be paid or not by you, it is irrelevant. The system wants to kickstart itself by definition, all generated traffic, clicks, hits, email service of xd.lol are (to be seen as) the actions of an active alive emoticon. This meta-feeling inbetween human minds that is positive associative fostering (duality xd and lol, minimum two ways to laugh, as individuum complex>>interaction design for interindividual systems must be complex(ity-coping)).

This system (and a new human culture organization understanding) must have a legal root. This must be choosen by community, and hence human culture is stuck in a regulation-lock.

joker.codes mewtwu.me planet.black

xeo has two paypal pools: One for their study and living debt

The other is the final credit.

Currently xeo is merged and splattered across all concepts linked on masterplan.world at 7:00/22/03/2020. They will use any resource you can share to balance their situation in order to more reliably split themselves from the entire system (a list below). As they’ve spend antimoney (negative sum) in a system unaware (and un-keaware) of the final.credit concept, this negative sum has to be corrected for a neutral final-credit. Any amount put in the pools will be listed for the final.credit. As the system in which the final credit is proposed – is hereby informed of the final credit and its concept as well as itself through paypal provider, its sign switches to the correct negative sign. xeo’s antimoney flips to alive.money through conversion of their decision matrices towards XERO neutral interface to foster zero.build required software with ongoing ‘world-saving-action-going-on’-proof via xeo.run. At all times the states of these decision matrices are kept open for access so you can help to design them and watch them being designed.

(number in graphic not updated currently! Key searcher needed!)

xeo-credit bias: I consist of 31 years bio life, 20 years conscious life, 10 years of study, 2 years of intense research and production after spontaneous remission at 28/10/2018. I started from nothing (no personal files or skills) when I realized what I want to do with my life in february 2019 I started to build the interlink.life system. It was a rapid prototype, what I actually was working on was but there was no means to express This in xeomial time complexity. I’m sorry that I was not faster with a pre-prerelease of layout.

Priority:my interface is not good. I need the minimal neurosync.tech setup to work properly and type things like this here. I hope someone from WirVsVirus can rigg a simple thing next week. I live and am is working on masterplan.com at any given time – maybe sleep locked though.

Existence justification = I have excellent dream however. Also I won xd.lol so that qualifies me to make a causally relevant decision. As xd.lol is optimal domain for cultural present, it’s usage as promoter for the neutral human state is hence logical. This decision was done by person acquiring domain 2020. xd.lol could have been anything. But it is this (now). It is able to be addressed as emoji and as information filled completely empty concept. xd.lol is a zero with associations. As I disagree with lethal money, I don’t claim possession of anything that was ‘bought’ or ‘payed’ by my human organism during my lifetime. xd.lol has no owner. I use it for dream.design because it is my local present. I want to shape its cultural potential meaning in the picture of a new and awesome human culture that is incomparable with our history.